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Land Rover

I can remember, as a little boy living in England, getting to ride in a family friend’s Land Rover – it was a bright blue Series II with the sideways jump seats in the back. I was fascinated by the rugged / military-nature of this Rover and its utilitarian design focused on what Rovers do best: rove the land.

Land Rover has evolved. Significant technologies have been added to meet today’s needs but take a Rover out for a spin and that basic / raw thrill of traversing the terrain in all kinds of conditions remains. Cheers to Land Rover for preserving this for us to still enjoy today.

Like Rover technology my relationship with Land Rover also evolved and I bring to Galloping Gertie’s a strong Rover resume from 15 years of running Utah’s favorite independent Rover shop.

Land Rover service requires a love for the work that starts with a love of the brand; your Land Rover will be well-loved at Galloping Gertie’s Garage.

We are all tooled-up and experienced to provide this service. Highlights include:

Standardized Maintenance

Modern Land Rover technologies

Deep experience with classic Rover V8 engines

Other Rover Specialties

Tooling. Critical to providing world-class service is the need for world-class tooling. Our Rover toolbox includes technologies such as:

Service. All of this experience, expertise and tooling means nothing without a service discipline that understands your needs and delights you with exceptional service. See other pages on our website for a description of this, our true passion. To summarize it we are your service Advocates and take your needs on personally to ensure you receive the best possible service.

Hours: Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm

IMPORTANT: We often lock up for lunch time to give our staff an opportunity to enjoy a lunch break.
Land Rover