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I can remember, as a little boy living in England, getting to ride in a family friend’s Land Rover – it was a bright blue Series II with the sideways jump seats in the back. I was fascinated by the rugged / military-nature of this Rover and its utilitarian design focused on what Rovers do best: rove the land.

Land Rover has evolved. Significant technologies have been added to meet today’s needs but take a Rover out for a spin and that basic / raw thrill of traversing the terrain in all kinds of conditions remains. Cheers to Land Rover for preserving this for us to still enjoy today.

Like Rover technology my relationship with Land Rover also evolved and I bring to Galloping Gertie’s a strong Rover resume from 15 years of running Utah’s favorite independent Rover shop.

Land Rover service requires a love for the work that starts with a love of the brand; your Land Rover will be well-loved at Galloping Gertie’s Garage.

We are all tooled-up and experienced to provide this service. Highlights include:

Standardized Maintenance

  • Although less dramatic than other services, maintenance is emphasised in our business for exactly that reason: we prefer our clients and their vehicles have as few exceptions as possible. Vehicle maintenance is a lot like medicine: the sooner a potential issue is addressed the easier it is to solve. We always recommend the preventative approach.
  • Our service experience always starts with our (no-charge) Integrity Inspection to give us a good baseline of your Land Rover’s condition before we start service.
  • We recommend maintenance from a combination of: the vehicle’s current condition, our experiences with the vehicle’s technologies, our interview with our client on his/her needs, the factory recommendations.
  • We track your maintenance for you and build a file in our database of both the service history AND the inspection history of your Rover – our IT system is uniquely ours and builds us a great ‘Medical Record’ that gives us insights into your vehicle’s needs. Like a good, organized, and wise family doctor we can make smarter recommendations geared to your needs.
  • We make it our job to remind you of your next service and will manage this scheduling reservation for you.
  • We have an expression “Every Fluid, Every Time” – meaning we check the application of every fluid to ensure it is compatible with your Rover. We stock a wide variety of these fluids and don’t take the shortcuts many lube places take by using ‘universal’ fluids.
  • We are not a franchise: as such we are allowed to think for ourselves. Dealerships put their brand-name and reputation first and are tied to the franchises’ rules; this can create recommendations that don’t put the client’s needs first.

Modern Land Rover technologies

  • Special fluids and service procedures are critical for correct transmission services on modern Land Rover ZF transmissions. These transmissions are well-built and reliable but are sensitive to their services, fluid types, etc. We are all tooled-up for and very familiar with this important service.
  • Advanced off-road capabilities in conjunction with refined on-road handling has lead Land Rover to develop some of the most advanced suspension systems employed on modern automobiles. The mechanical components often need attention: Control arms; control arm bushings; steering tie rods and linkage; etc are all areas we regularly service.
  • Air suspension is also a critical service area for Land Rovers. We have updated air components (struts, suspension pumps, etc) to improve system reliability. We can perform the latest software updates to reprogram Terrain modules for LR3s, LR4s, Range Rover Sports, etc. Although not well understood outside of Rover-specialist circles these software updates are critical and not available at most auto repair shops.
  • Direct Injection is now a commonly used fueling strategy on new Land Rovers; this allows Rovers to get more power along with lower emissions and better fuel economy – an all around ‘win’. To keep this system in top condition your Rover needs a service center that understands the carbon build-up problems inherent to Direct Injection (DI) systems. Regular engine oil conditioning treatments, decarbonization cleaning, injector cleaning, and intake media-blasting (cleaning) services will all ensure your Rover can continue to enjoy the benefits of DI free from expensive DI-related repairs.
  • Range Rovers, especially super-charged models, depend on oversized brakes to keep all that power and weight under control. To continue to enjoy your Rover’s performance its brakes must be kept to factory or better specifications. We stock a broad array of premium brakes for your Range Rover including Textar, Brembo, Pagid, etc. Even with premium replacement parts disciplined attention to hub run-out, moving part lubrication, and sometimes on-car rotor-to-hub machine matching with specialized lathes is necessary. We offer all of these services and more to ensure happy, healthy brakes on your Land Rover.
  • Land rover tire pressure monitoring systems can be a real challenge and headache for tire shops – I recall a client with an LR3 that had his tire shop try to solve an intermittent tire warning light for over a year. With our tire equipment we can mount and unmount tires to replace the sensors while using the factory diagnostic computer to find out why the system was tripping false errors. This combination allows us to solve Land Rover tire pressure problems that tire shops cannot.

Deep experience with classic Rover V8 engines

  • Rover V8 ignition systems with their behind-engine coil packs require special handling when it’s time for ignition or tune-up work
  • Emissions equipment including secondary air pumps and air injection plumbing
  • Engine management repairs to Bosch and GEMS systems
  • Engine computer coding and programming; Discovery and later Defender engine computers vary based on emissions levels and vehicle configuration – these engine computers have to have the vehicle’s configuration programmed in when computer updates are done.
  • Unfortunately the classic V8 engine design used in Land Rovers is known for oil leaks; the important and often missed part of this issue is the oil leaks can cascade into bigger problems. Our experience will help you avoid these pattern failures and their unnecessary extra expense.

Other Rover Specialties

  • Power steering and Active Cornering Enhancement (ACE) hydraulics and control systems
  • The Land Rover Freelander is a great choice for a smaller SUV with Rover’s off road capabilities but can require specialized knowledge to service correctly. Water pumps, timing belts, drivetrain fluids, etc all require unique attention.
  • Range Rover Evoque is also a great smaller Rover choice but it still has Rover technologies that can require a specialist including: turbo chargers, direct fuel injection, suspension, software, etc.

Tooling. Critical to providing world-class service is the need for world-class tooling. Our Rover toolbox includes technologies such as:

  • Autologic. Developed in England this diagnostic platform provides deep Rover computer diagnostics, coding and software updates. When employed correctly Autologic allows independent shops like ours to offer services that dealerships cannot.
  • Equally unavailable in dealerships are our advanced undercarriage services. Our Beissbarth touchless aligner paired with the Hunter road-force wheel balancer and tire matching can make your Rover ride feel better-than-new. Don’t waste time at dealerships trying to correct vibrations or harshness in your ride; their systems are antiquated compared to cutting-edge Beissbarth technology.
  • Factory JLR computer diagnostics: to ensure we minimally have all of the capabilities of the dealership we also have our factory Land Rover diagnostic system.

Service. All of this experience, expertise and tooling means nothing without a service discipline that understands your needs and delights you with exceptional service. See other pages on our website for a description of this, our true passion. To summarize it we are your service Advocates and take your needs on personally to ensure you receive the best possible service.

Hours: Mon-Fri, 8am-5:30pm

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