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Engine Oil

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Engine Oil – Your Engine’s Lifeblood

The other day I was driving my old pickup truck. It has a great little 4-cylinder engine (Toyota’s 22RE if you’re geeky like me and care about that sort of thing). Truly a great workhorse, this little truck serves us well in moving equipment and generally doing what trucks do. On my drive I noticed the engine was ever-so-slightly louder than normal. Adding that to my knowledge of its overall condition and knowing it was due for an oil change I assumed (and later confirmed) it was low on engine oil.

No problem: oil and filter changed as soon as it was back at the shop – engine noises returned to normal.

This experience got me thinking: how does the general public know about such things? The change in engine noise was subtle and, frankly, it was my years of industry experience that told me something many people would miss. The risk to the engine was actually quite high and an inexperience or ill-informed motorist could have actually ended up damaging this trusty little engine. Shame on me: I preach about engine oil all the time yet I was dangerously close to reaping the dome I warn others of.

I get questions about engine oil *all* the time and it is a very important topic. Here is a short list of what I find helpful to share:

This is a classic “do as I say, not as a I do” topic. Engine oil really is critical and there is understandable ignorance and misinformation out there. Our business philosophy is to be your advocate so for our clients we simply take ownership of this responsibility and have a great reminder system to ensure our clients don’t forget their oil services. Once in we check before and after conditions of the engine oil and make changes in recommended fluids or schedules as needed. This protects our clients’ investments – following the above advice can do likewise for you.

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