Gig Harbor Proud - Locally Owned and Operated


Welcome to Galloping Gertie’s Garage – we’re excited to be a new addition to the Gig Harbor community. We offer premium service to discerning motorists maintaining and enhancing their precision European automobiles.

We want our work to have meaning. Providing service isn’t a transactional activity for us.  Instead it is an opportunity to engage with people in their lives and to make new friends. Automobiles play an important role in all our lives – our very lives depend on them. This adds a sacredness to our work and provides us with the opportunity to truly be of service to our neighbors and friends. We are grateful for and honored by those that give us this opportunity for service that creates meaning for us in our work and in our lives.

Character and Competency

Tree of Competence - Results -Capabilities - Intent - Integrity at the roots

20+ years of experience has taught us that delivering on this promise requires a two-part focus of Character and Competency.

Our business is modeled around this simple formula and each of our work efforts is focused on delivering on one or both of these promises.


To borrow from the legal world we love the term Advocate. This is the relationship we have to have with our client. We don’t just take orders or even just provide a service, we take an active high-level interest in your needs; we are your Advocate.


This goal permeates all aspects of our business.  We simply cannot provide superior service without superior process. Our shop management system represents a heavy investment in software and we have a custom built management platform that has over 12 years of refinement and is uniquely ours. This is the tool that keeps our trains running on time and provides the means for our people to deliver on their commitments.

Equally important is the competency of our technicians. To meet your needs our technicians have to be at the top of their trade and have at their disposal the best tooling available for the task at hand.

Borrowing from the software world our technicians exemplify the idea of being ‘an authority, not an authority figure.’ This requires lifelong learning – a value we find all true masters have.

In our industry there is a directly relationship between competency and tooling. It is simply a matter of fact that many services provided in the automotive world cannot be done with ‘less than’ equipment. Our investment here is huge and our favorite example is the ‘belle of the ball‘ our touch-less alignment system – one of the very first in the US and a pretty cool tool you can see in action from our reception area during your visit.

Speaking of Belle (maybe we watch too much Disney) we are in love with the characterization of a Matrie d’. Our goal is Concierge service, service that is finely tuned to your needs. Concierge-level service requires us to be great Matrie d’s. We love cars, we love servicing cars, we take personal pride in a job well done, satisfaction in a business well-run, but mostly we love to be engaged in great service.

Give us a call. Let us know how we can help you. It is our honor to be of service to you.

Hours: Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm

IMPORTANT: We often lock up for lunch time to give our staff an opportunity to enjoy a lunch break.