Range Rover KeyWelcome- we’re excited to announce our grand opening in Gig Harbor!
We offer premium service to discerning motorists maintaining and enhancing their precision automobiles.

What we do differently:

Advocacy: We don’t just take orders or even just provide a service, we take an active high-level interest in your needs; we call it being your Advocate.

Maitre d’:  Maybe we watch too much Disney, but we love this personification of a great service provider.  Our goal is Concierce service, service that is finely tuned to your needs.  Concierce-level service requires us to be great Matrie d’s.

To deliver on this promise, we employ the best tools and put them in the hands of skilled technicians.  Keeping with our restaurant theme: our kitchen is state of the art, and our team of chefs (from executive to line chefs) produce consistent, superior dishes.

We love cars, we love servicing cars, we take personal pride in a job well done, satisfaction in a business well-run, but mostly we love to be engaged in great service.

Give us a call.  Let us know how we can help you.  It is our honor to be of service to you.

Land Rover & Range Rover RepairWe are new to Gig Harbor but not to auto repair.  We bring decades of experience emphasizing:

  • Top notch service.  Thanks to our proprietary custom software we run a shop literally like no other.  You can expect an orderly, proactive, professional, friendly, and capable service experience.
  • Premium brands.  Our love of technology naturally created an expertise with more complex vehicles:  Land Rover, BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Bentley, Audi, Aston Martin, Maserati (in no specific order), etc, etc are brands we are comfortable with and tooled up for.  We carry factory level tooling, diagnostic equipment, and service information for most luxury brands. Special software updates, computer resets, unique fluids, maintenance requirements, etc are all a staple for us.
  • Capable technicians.  Lifelong learning is important to us.  Our moto is: “be an authority, not an authority figure”.  We are constantly growing through some great training resources like BIMRS.org and the Automotive Training Institute (ATI).
  • Advanced technology.  We value technology and make heavy investments in it.  The belle-of-the-ball is our touchless alignment system, a truly cutting edge technology, provides an undercarriage service you cannot get elsewhere in the United States.
  • Principles first.  We put values first believing that in life character wins.

What does that mean for our client?  Our focus on character and competency will earn your trust; combined with our service we’ll earn your loyalty.

Our Specialties