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Euro & Luxury Auto Service in Gig Harbor, WA

BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Land Rover, Jaguar, Bentley, Maserati, Mini and more…

Industry Leading 5 Year, 50,000 Warranty - Call for details!

Our Services

We offer premium service to discerning motorists, maintaining and enhancing their precision automobiles.

Industry Leading 5 Year, 50,000 Warranty. Ask for Details!

What We Do Differently

We bring decades of experience in quality auto repair to you.


We don’t just take orders or even just provide a service, we take an active high-level interest in your needs; we call it being your Advocate.

Maître d'

Maybe we watch too much Disney, but we love this personification of a great service provider. Our goal is concierge service, service that is finely tuned to your needs. concierge-level service requires us to be great Matrie d’s.

Best Tools & Technicians

To deliver on this promise, we employ the best tools and put them in the hands of skilled technicians. Keeping with our restaurant theme: our kitchen is state of the art, and our team of chefs (from executive to line chefs) produce consistent, superior dishes.

Gerties Garage Team with ATI's TOP SHOP Award
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