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High End Automotive Technician - The Good Life

Rare Opportunity: Join our family at Gig Harbor’s favorite import specialty shop.

Our business focus is on quality products for our clients; great relationships with our community; and a work-life balance for you that creates a sense of belonging with your team and pride in your work. If you’re sick of managers that push you for production over quality this is the job you’re looking for.

Being a technician at Gertie’s is about enjoying your unique skill to repair and maintain vehicles. Being encouraged to “fix it right” you will remember why you love what you do. Equally rewarding will be your paycheck – work-life balance is useless if you can’t afford it.
Gertie’s is a career to be proud of.

At Gertie’s, you will be working in a top-notch multi-million dollar facility that is clean and has plenty of space. Our service equipment is new and the best a technician can work with. In-ground Challenger lifts, new Mahle A/C machines, Hunter Road Force wheel balancer, and something you’ve never seen: Beissbarth’s amazing touchless aligner. Factory diagnostic tools, the best aftermarket scanners, and a full stock of specialty tools that allow you to produce a professional product without compromise.


  • Professional automotive service and repair.
  • Shop cleanliness and organization.
  • Mentorship to Jr. team members.
  • Vehicle inspections and service documentation in shop management software.
Productivity at Gertie’s Garage is about quality, not volume. 30 hours per week of productivity means you’ll get some of your best paychecks ever, and at 40 per week, you’ll be the envy of all your technician friends. Don’t worry about the ‘slow season’: first, we’re never slow; second we provide the strongest guaranteed base in the industry. We know how important this is.
Our industry can have a reputation for mistreating technicians. Our goal is to provide a healthy environment you can call home. We don’t tolerate slander or politics. We are firm on our 8-5 Monday-Friday schedule because evenings and weekends are for FAMILY. (We lock the doors and close them every day for lunch too.) We provide full healthcare for you and your family, we respect your family’s needs, and we don’t work on holidays.
All techs may apply; our ideal candidate will be more senior in his/her career and looking to take on a leadership role while getting out of the pressure-cooker environment of a production-biased sweat shop or dealership.
Elevate your job to a career at Galloping Gertie’s Garage, ATI’s 2021 National Top Shop.

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“For, in the end, it is impossible to have a great life unless it is a meaningful life. And it is very difficult to have a meaningful life without meaningful work.”

– Jim Collins

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